Winner Interview: Team XiYou’s
Aug 08, 2018
We sat down with Wukong and Bajie from Team XiYou to talk about how their gaming journey began and their experience at AORUS OPEN thus far Q: How long have you been playing PUBG?We’ve been spending a lot of time on PUBG. I now have 1,500 hours under
XiYou Live Up to Its Name, Heading Westbound to Represent China in Grand FinalV
Aug 06, 2018
The time has finally come! After two weeks of intense battles during the online qualifiers in China’s, 6 elite duos, which are Team YM, Team GMB, Team GY, Team BBB, Team XiYou and Team Ice, won their tickets to Shanghai last weekend for the regional
Behind the Scene of AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament 2018 Trailer
Jul 25, 2018
Have you seen our trailer yet? Never seen an esports tournament trailer quite like this, right? For the first ever AORUS OPEN PUBG tournament, at Team AORUS we have decided to make things a little different, and with some swag, of course
AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament 2018 Kicks off This Summer
Jul 16, 2018
AORUS by GIGABYTE today announced AORUS OPEN, its first official Esports tournament that will be held in 6 regions across the globe, while expecting more than 1,000 teams to participant in this exhilarating community e