Fettarme Milch Make Come-from-behind Victory in Germany Regional Final
Sep 29, 2018
Let the epic battle begin. Six elite duos, Fettarme Milch, InyaFace, Ferox, Unnatural Selection, GermanMonkeys, unum iaculat eSports, met in Berlin to decide who’s got what it takes to prevail in the AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Germany Regional Finals
Ambassador Profile: France - Dahmien7
Sep 27, 2018
Skill-wise, Dahmien7 is an extremely talented and experienced player among some of the best PUBG streamers worldwide. His recent victories in PUBG GAMESCOM Omen Challenge 2018 and PUBG BROADCASTER Royale 2018 proved just that. On his streaming side,
Ambassador Profile: Taiwan - Xargon
Sep 19, 2018
A household name in the Taiwanese gaming community, Xargon was one of the early pioneers who got into competitive gaming back in the early 2000s when esports was still an unfamiliar term to most people in Taiwan. Xargon began his gaming career as a p
Winner Interview: The Happy Campers
Sep 14, 2018
We sat down with Atom and Charity of The Happy Campers, the winning duo of the US regional finals, to talk about their story and the experience at AORUS OPEN. Q: How did you guys know each other?Atom: Both of us have been playing PUBG since beta, bu
Ambassador Profile: Germany - Moondye7
Aug 28, 2018
With his extensive experiences in shooter and battle-royale games, Moondye7 has built his reputation and fan base, becoming an influential member in the German gaming community. When PUBG was first introduced, Moondye made the leap to the battlegroun
Making CQB Game Mode Feature Intro Animation: Behind the Scenes
Aug 17, 2018
Where did the creativity come from? After creating so many animations, how do you make sure the animations still catch the audience’s interest ? We always think that creative comes from everyday life, like the way you live, people you meet, and thin