Winner Interview: Team X

The X factor

Oct 15, 2018

Winners of Korea regional finals, Skacls and Seungha from Team X are the final contender heading to Paris. Let’s hear their story and thoughts on their victory.

How do you two know each other?

We played for different teams originally. We started to know each other when we participated in a LAN tournament earlier. One thing led to another, we decided to team up for AORUS OPEN.

What do you think of your performance in the regional finals?

We were pretty nervous throughout the day. We were glad that our strategy worked out and executed well. Our great team chemistry was vital as well to take us this far.

You managed to grab just a few chicken dinners but made a total of 60 kills. Is it something you guys planned for?

We tried to stay in the blue zone as long as possible in the beginning, but things started to change in the fourth round as we found out other teams were doing the same. Therefore we used what pro gamers would do by finding a good hiding place first.

This tactics turned out pretty effective. We expected combats after the fifth circle, so we waited until then and stormed out to knock opponents down one by one. That is how we’ve got so many kills.

You will represent Korea to play in the grand final coming up at Paris Games Week. Your thoughts?

Thrilled to win. We used to played in numerous tournaments and even attended esports team try-out at some point, but we just couldn’t pull it off. We were glad that we were able to bring what we’ve learnt before in full play in this tournament.

It is an honor to represent Korea to play in the grand final. Our success in the AORUS OPEN will certainly broaden our horizon for a brighter future in the competitive gaming fields.

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