Team MK Claimed Taiwan No.1 in Regional Finals

Former pro rivals team up to prove they still have it

Oct 08, 2018

MK, Monster Shield 2nd Unit (MS2), iFoTn, MAD Vegeta Gunman (MAD), Vertical Grip and AJ are the six duos that had defeated hundreds of teams in Taiwan’s preliminary online qualifiers to reach this stage. On September 30, they met here at the capital city of Taiwan, getting ready to compete for their tickets to the championship finals, which will take place in Paris just few weeks from now.

Perhaps it was the PUBG god who was trying to make the game even more interesting than it already is. Of the first 4 rounds, 3 of them began with half of the first safe zone covered by water, forcing the teams to engage in combats earlier than expected. Through 4 rounds of intense competitions, MK and MS2 made their way to the top 2, thanks to their placement points and number of kills, whilst iFoTn and Vertical Grip were right behind.

The game came to a crucial turning point in Round 5. Team MK suddenly seemed to have mastered the essence of the 12-person CQB setting and started to destroy their enemies. With a chicken dinner and 6 kills adding to their total, MK was now ahead of the 2nd-place MS2 by 21 points, comfortably leading in the 1st place.


However, the momentum took an abrupt shift for MK in Round 6. A false move costed them the game and finished with a disappointing zero point in this round. On the other hand, MS2 seized the opportunity and played extremely well in the final circle by eliminating iFoTn and MAD, scoring a total of 16 points to pull themselves within just 5 points from MK. A comeback was in the making?


Moving onto Round 7, the final circle landed on a steep hillside without any building in sight. Team MK bumped into MS2 near the edge of the circle and took them down, annihilating MS2 with zero placement points. However, it was iFoTn who survived till the very end, stacking up 6 kills, including an impressive grenade kill on MK to score 22 points in this round, narrowing the gap with the 2nd-place MS2 to put them right back in the contention.

In Round 8, it still came down to a face-off between MK and MS2, but the armored UAZ called in by MK’s SJ with his flare gun turned out to be the difference. MK drove the UAZ into the final circles and ran into MS2’s 087pupu for a surprising roadkill. Finally, MK successfully finished off the rest and grabbed the chicken dinner, giving them a comfortable lead heading to the final round.

With the enormous pressure mounting upon them after the loss in the previous round, MS2 made the matter worse by losing a man in the early stage. The remaining member failed to earn sufficient points to turn the game around. In the end, MK took home the championship trophies and will be heading to Paris for a chance to reign as the King of CQB in the AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament grand final.    

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