Winner Interview: The Happy Campers

Meet The Happy Campers

Sep 14, 2018

We sat down with Atom and Charity of The Happy Campers, the winning duo of the US regional finals, to talk about their story and the experience at AORUS OPEN.

Q: How did you guys know each other?
Atom: Both of us have been playing PUBG since beta, but we did not know each other before then. Gradually we got to know each other in the game. We then started to play some public matches together, became good friends, and eventually started a team together.

Q: How did you guys come up with your team name, The Happy Campers?

Charity: I just came up with the name because I thought it works well with PUBG, but i wouldn’t say it is indicative of our play style.

Q: How do the two of you split the work while playing duo?

Charity: Atom does all the killing and calling. I am just there for the look. Joke asides, Atom is super good. Be watching this guy, for sure. I think overall we just work well together. The team chemistry is there. We’ve played countless hours together, so it just comes naturally. We don’t necessarily have a strategic game plan, besides staying on top of each other. Always make sure we are not outnumbered.

Q: What is your favorite weapon?

Atom: The AK 47. It’s got good damage at close range with very low recoil. The AK just destroys close range. One headshot will get you like 40HP. It is a good two-tap gun.

Charity: The M4. It has the easier spray pattern to control and predict. I think It is really easy to make it look like there is no kick with the gun, and you just have to barely pull down on the mouse.

Q: Are you familiar with the CQB game mode now? Any settings you like particularly?

Atom: We are somewhat adjusted to it. This game type is much more fast-paced and aggressive. The blue circle when you leave the plane is a cool setting. It forces people to move quickly to get into the circle and get into position.

Charity: The closing circle is really cool. Right now the rulesets are so copy-and-paste between a lot of the major tournaments, so it is great to see AORUS OPEN that prioritizes kills over placements. I like that aspect a lot too. It makes players to go out and fight people rather than sit back and pick no fights.

Q: You guys ran into some trouble at the end of Day 1. What adjustment did you guys make to ensure your final victory?

We basically played everything a little bit slowly instead of trying to go for the closest compound or the best part of the zone. We were just taking our time and letting people give away their information, so we know where they are, and we can capitalize on that.

Q: Walk us through the decisive Round 9, the last match of the tournament.
In the last match, we heard shots north of us. We figured the south was safe because when we looked at the plane, we were the only team that dropped in Yasnaya. So we were pretty sure nobody was on the south side of the circle. Most of the teams were still up in the last minutes of the game. Once we heard shots going off, we knew we had to get in there and get some kills.

Q: Any thoughts of turning pro?

Atom: We made the Happy Campers, and we have been first in a lot of events. Hopefully everything works out, and I can go professional.

Charity: For me, I am going to law school. After this tournament, my gaming career is done. (laugh) Going pro is a dream of mine, but unfortunately it will stay as that.

Q: Heading to Paris, is there anything want to say to the players from other regions?

We are coming for y’all! America!


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