Making CQB Game Mode Feature Intro Animation: Behind the Scenes

We caught up with the lead designer team 「 Miguel Abad and Jen Peng Wen from InFamous Creative & Marketing Visual Team」 to talk about how the design team put together this fascinating animation

Aug 17, 2018

Where did the creativity come from? After creating so many animations, how do you make sure the animations still catch the audience’s interest ?

We always think that creative comes from everyday life, like the way you live, people you meet, and things around you. Through the accumulation of bits and pieces in the past, you are able to quickly generate some rough ideas when you need some. Then through further discussions with the team, a clear picture can be eventually formed.

How to make the animation interesting? It can be achieved through analysis and reasoning, but most of the time our starting point will be that we must find the material interesting in the first place.

How did you manage to combine the story and the graphics perfectly together?

This is actually a difficult task. Each project has its limited resources, and our work must meet a certain of expectation under such constraint. If we have 2 to 3 weeks more on this project, we might go for another approach. However, the longer the production takes, the more manpower will be spent. We can only say that we are quite satisfied with the results given the resources that we have invested in.

What qualities are required if someone wants to be a producer or a graphic designer?

People with different traits will create different styles. We also believe we could all learn something from each person and their traits. If you really want to name the necessary qualities, then I would have to say he or she must be dare to try new things with an attitude of striving for the best.

Where does the turquoise tone come from?

AORUS use black, white, and orange as their primary colors in most of their graphics design. But in order to have more layers to the visual effect, we need to add another color to balance it out. After trying a variety of colors, we finally landed on turquoise.

How much effort did it take to create this animation?

Approximately 2 months. From concept design, scripting, to post-production, a team of four people participated in this project.

Have you done any research to understand this game?

Someone in our team is a veteran PUBG player, so he thoroughly understand the difference between the CQB mode and the normal game mode. Thanks to this veteran player, other team members quickly picked up what the essence of the game is about through various platforms.

Have you ever created any animation about a PC game? Is there anything different from the pas experience?

Our team has accumulated years of experience from animation productions for large-scale esports tournaments and LAN parties. Our works even expanded to trailers for game launch events and movies based on video games. There are subtle differences in each project. For this particular animation, the emphasis is to deliver the game mode features as clearly and fluently as possible.

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