Fettarme Milch Make Come-from-behind Victory in Germany Regional Final

An exciting finish helps Fettarme Milch clinch a spot in the grand final

Sep 29, 2018
Let the epic battle begin. Six elite duos, Fettarme Milch, InyaFace, Ferox, Unnatural Selection, GermanMonkeys, unum iaculat eSports, met in Berlin to decide who’s got what it takes to prevail in the AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Germany Regional Finals for their chance to continue their run to the grand championship games.

Due to the recent updates in PUBG, the edge of the blue circle has become more apparent, forcing some teams that rely on the circle game to adjust their strategy. During the first six rounds, Fettarme Milch, Ferox, GermanMonkeys exchanged leads in a very close contest. It could be anyone’s game at the moment. Entering Round 7, nobody could tell which team will win in the end.

In Round 7, things started to change. Germanmonkeys and Ferox were taken out early due to some fatal errors, while Fettarme Milch entered the safe zone too late, leading to their premature elimination as well. At the final face-off stage between Unnatural Selection and unum iaculat eSports, Unnatural Selection gunned down one of the opponents first and successfully took the first place in Round 7. Their points suddenly jumped to 41 points, replacing unum iaculat eSports at the fourth place.

In Round 8, the first safe zone was set on a paddy field with almost no bunkers on the east side of Yasnaya Polyana. Ferox was eliminated by Unnatural Selection due to poor positioning, and Fettarme Milch had to stay in low profile because one team member died early. Rest of the duos were concentrated around the edge of the apartment area, and they had to face the risk of being eliminated had they made any bold move. But as time went by, they were forced to rush out of the buildings, leading to an inevitable close quarter battle. Eventually GermanMonkeys annihilated the unum iaculat eSports but got hit from the back by Unnatural Selection. After a dogfight, Inyaface came through and surprisingly grabbed the victory in this round.

In the final round, Unnatural Selection was the first to be defeated by Fettarme Milch, losing their last chance to take home the victory. Ferox’ and GermanMonkeys’ night also came to an abrupt end by getting eliminated by InyaFace and unum iaculat eSports respectively. Finally, Fettarme Milch earned 2 kills after engaging an intense gunfight with Inya, putting them just ahead of GermanMonkeys in terms of total points and became the team to represent Germany in the grand final in Paris. Congrats to Fettarme Milch!

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