Ambassador Profile: Taiwan - Xargon

Godfather of esports in Taiwan named AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Ambassador

Sep 19, 2018

A household name in the Taiwanese gaming community, Xargon was one of the early pioneers who got into competitive gaming back in the early 2000s when esports was still an unfamiliar term to most people in Taiwan. Xargon began his gaming career as a professional Counter-Strike player with the eXtreme Gamers. He and his team soon made their presence felt, winning numerous local tournaments. In 2005, their effort paid off and had the opportunity to represent the country to participate in the World Cyber Game.  

After serving his 2-year military duty, Xargon picked up where he left off by continuing playing professionally in SF online and Overwatch, while earning the name, Godfather of Esports, for his years of passion and dedication in the field. After his retirement from pro, Xargon then turned his focus to streaming, mostly FPS games, in recent years.

When PUBG was first introduced in 2017, he quickly took the leap to the game where he could showcase his masterful FPS skills. Now Xargon is the top PUBG streamer in Taiwan by having more than 218K followers on Twitch, leading his peers with the most average viewers and peak viewers. As an PUBG sensation, he is often invited to international events, including the PGI 2018 Charity Showdown and Broadcaster Royale at PAX West 2018 in Seattle, USA.

AORUS is excited to team up with Xargon as he will serve as the ambassador of the tournament to promote AORUS OPEN through his social media. He will be co-casting the online qualifiers, as well as the regional final in Taipei together with ThomasNoSushi, an experienced PUBG players with an impressive understanding of the game too. Xargon will accompany the winning team of the regional final on their trip to Paris to represent Taiwan in the AORUS OPEN grand final.

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