Ambassador Profile: Korea - TheHell

Streaming personality TheHell is AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Ambassador for Korea

Oct 12, 2018

TheHell has been giving the audience a hell of awesome gameplays in the PUBG streaming scenes. Do not be fooled by his baby face. TheHell is well known for his mad shooting skills. To date, he owns an impressive record of 4.61 K/D ratio and often goes on a killing spree with 30-plus kills in a game. Hell ya!

Adding to his superb skills with the keyboard and mouse, TheHell’s thrilling personality also brought high entertainment values to his streamings and has attracted tons of fans and viewers. With more than 126K followers on Twitch and 212K YouTube subscribers, now TheHell is the top 5 PUBG streamers in terms of watch time. Several of his highlight gameplays on YouTube even hit more than 1 millions views, which shows his immense popularity in the gaming community.

TheHell is named the ambassador of the tournament to promote AORUS OPEN through his social media in Korea. He will be co-casting the online qualifiers and the regional finals together with Tae Hyun Kim, a renowned caster with extensive experience across many esports competitions.

After the regional finals, TheHell is also going to serve as the mentor for the korean regional champion, accompanying the winning duo in the AORUS OPEN grand final, which will taken place at Paris Games Week later in October.

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