Ambassador Profile: France - Dahmien7

Former pro player and streaming personality named AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Ambassador for France

Sep 27, 2018
Skill-wise, Dahmien7 is an extremely talented and experienced player among some of the best PUBG streamers worldwide. His recent victories in PUBG GAMESCOM Omen Challenge 2018 and PUBG BROADCASTER Royale 2018 proved just that. On his streaming side, he is regarded as the go-to-source for PUBG content on Twitch. His regular stream scheduled and dedication to the game mixed with a high win rate and plenty of charisma makes him stand out in the PUBG scene in France.

As a result of his effort, Dahmien7 is the No.1 French PUBG streamer now in terms of both watch time and stream time. His frequent tutorials and interactive streams with high skilled gameplay make him one of the most PUBG influencers in the community and a Twitch personality, bar none.

AORUS is delighted to have Dahmien7 joining the squad, as he will serve as the ambassador of the tournament to promote AORUS OPEN through his social media. He will be co-casting the online qualifiers and the regional finals alongside PacifaeTV, who has established himself early of PUBG’s life cycle as one of the go-to casters in France. PacifaeTV is also a dedicated player with an impressive understanding of the game, leading him to win the PUBG Charity Invitational last year. With Dahmien7’s charismatic personality and PacifaeTV’s extensive understanding of the game, they will undoubtedly make a dynamic duo on the casting booth throughout the tournament.

Dahmien7 is also going to be the mentor for the winning team of the France regional finals, accompanying the winning duo to defend their home court in the AORUS OPEN grand final, which will take place at this year’s Paris Games Week in late October.

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