Ambassador Profile: Germany - Moondye7

Top German PUBG streamer named AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Ambassador for Germany

Aug 28, 2018
With his extensive experiences in shooter and battle-royale games, Moondye7 has built his reputation and fan base, becoming an influential member in the German gaming community. When PUBG was first introduced, Moondye made the leap to the battleground as soon as the beta launched. Since then he has dedicated most of his time in PUBG, and his effort paid off. Thanks for the game’s worldwide hype and his excellent FPS skills, he has climbed to national fame by consistently creating high quality guides and gameplay videos on YouTube, as well as streaming frequently on Twitch.

Now Moondye is the No.1 PUBG streamer in Germany with the most average viewers and followers, while he is ranked second in terms of watch time. Being one of the most influencer PUBG gamers in the community and a Twitch superstar, he was recently invited to the PGI 2018 Charity Showdown, along with some other big names, including Ninja, DisRespect, and Shroud.

AORUS is thrilled to have Moondye, one of the leading PUBG personalities in Germany, onboard as he will serve as the ambassador of the tournament to promote AORUS OPEN through his social media. He will be co-casting the online qualifiers and the regional final in Berlin with Fishc0p, an experienced host and caster of various PUBG tournaments. Moondye will later accompany the winning team of the regional final on their trip to Paris to represent Germany in the AORUS OPEN grand final.

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