AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament Grand Final Finished On a High Note
Oct 30, 2018
The AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament ended on a high note last weekend in Paris, France. After 9 rounds of hard-fought battles, The Happy Campers from the United States completed an incredible comeback and defeated other regional rivals from China, Germany
Top Six Teams to Face Off at Grand Final
Oct 22, 2018
With more than 5,500 teams participated, and through 40 cross-continent qualifiers in an intense 4-month span, AORUS OPEN PUBG Tournament has now reached an epic climax with the grand final that will take place in Paris, France. This weekend, from Oc
Winner Interview: Team X
Oct 15, 2018
Winners of Korea regional finals, Skacls and Seungha from Team X are the final contender heading to Paris. Let’s hear their story and thoughts on their victory.How do you two know each other? We played for different teams originally. We started to k
Winner Interview: Team B3LA
Oct 13, 2018
We had a chance to talk to the France regionals final champion, Trick-c and Gaxalies from B3LA Gaming, as they shared their story and their experience at AORUS OPEN thus far.How do you know each other? We’ve been playing online tournaments together
Ambassador Profile: Korea - TheHell
Oct 12, 2018
TheHell has been giving the audience a hell of awesome gameplays in the PUBG streaming scenes. Do not be fooled by his baby face. TheHell is well known for his mad shooting skills. To date, he owns an impressive record of 4.61 K/D ratio and often goe
Team MK Claimed Taiwan No.1 in Regional Finals
Oct 08, 2018
MK, Monster Shield 2nd Unit (MS2), iFoTn, MAD Vegeta Gunman (MAD), Vertical Grip and AJ are the six duos that had defeated hundreds of teams in Taiwan’s preliminary online qualifiers to reach this stage. On September 30, they met here at the capital