CQB, Close Quarters Battle, originates from a tactical concept in warfare that involves physical confrontation between combatants at very short range. At Team AORUS, we combine such idea with our extensive experience in first person shooter game and come up with our very own CQB custom game mode in PUBG to juice up the game with more tactics, more action, and much faster pace.
This CQB game mode has 4 features, including with more resources, faster and nonstop blue circle, early and smaller safe zone, and instant revive.


With more resources, players will not have to spend too much time looting. Since there will be plenty of weapons for everyone, it will be less likely for players to get killed in early combat unarmed.


With early and smaller safe zone, players can see where the safe zone is in advance even before jumping off the plane. It allows the players to strategize early on how to approach the safe zone given the landscape ahead. The safe zone will vary from match and match, posting a great challenge for players to adjust to different terrains when approaching the final stage of the game.


Having faster and nonstop blue circle posts another major challenge to the players. The earlier the players identify the optimal way to use the circle to their advantage, the better their chances are of winning the match.


And finally with instant revive, players would need only 1 second to revive their teammates, meaning players will be keen to stay close to their teammates and offer assistance when needed for a more teamwork-focused experience throughout the match.

More tactics. More action. And faster pace. AORUS CQB custom game mode, with 4 distinctive features, is designed to take both skills and teamwork to the next level, delivering a unique battle royale experience like never before.
Team Up. Fight On. AORUS.

CQB Customized Match Settings